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Youth + Adults + Community

Financial Beginnings' programs teach individuals how to access and participate in their financial health, how to make informed financial decisions, and how to responsibly manage money to protect and build their assets. In doing so, the life opportunities available to them increase.

Financial Beginnings offers:

  • Youth Programs that introduce elementary-, middle-, and high school students to the world of personal finance and how financial decisions relate to local and global economies, as well as lessons for high school and college students on career, college, and money management.
  • Young Adult & Adult Programs that provide relevant, real-world financial knowledge to high-risk and economically-vulnerable populations.
  • Events & Conferences that help educate communities on financial education and empowerment.

"I think that everyone should know what Financial Beginnings taught us because I am sure there are a lot of people out there that do not know the opportunities they could be taking." - Student Participant