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We are thrilled to be accepting Speaker Proposals for our 2021 Financial Literacy Conference: VIRTUAL SPEAKER SERIES on a wide range of topics.

The Speaker Series will take place throughout April 2021.

Please submit your proposal by February 5th, 2021!

Some themes we are particularly interested in exploring through these 60-90 minute virtual sessions are, but are not limited to:

  • Train the Trainer - Skill Share for Teachers and/or Volunteer Presenters
  • Equitable Youth Engagement and Facilitation
  • Diversity, Equity, & Poverty Informed Training
  • Building Behavioral Economics into Financial Literacy
  • Making Financial Literacy Fun & Engaging in the Classroom
  • Financial Literacy as a Student Service
  • No-Cost Class Resources for Personal Finance
  • Finances in Times of Crisis
  • Implicit Bias and Financial Decision-Making
  • Student Loan Debt Management and Resources
  • Self Care and Compassion Fatigue
  • Financial Self-Improvement
  • Balancing Work, Life, & Budget
  • Navigating College as a Financial Decision

We will be accepting proposals for our April 2021 Speaker Series until February 5th, and you will hear back from us the week of February 15th.

For questions, please reach out to or-info@finbegor.org

"I learned that financial goals are a good thing for people to have. I made a short-term goal of getting a new car once I graduate and a long-term goal of owning a home." - Student Participant